Declaration of War

A great team identity and shirt not only distinguishes combatants and intimidates opposition, but make each team member feel part of a group, balance the needs of the group against his or her own needs, the group will need a name and image that is at least as strong as that person’s. 

Designing a winning team identity is like planning for war and as such could be divided into three levels: strategic, operational, and tactical.


Once a group of great players have banded together and decided upon the name that represents them a brief should be outlined, any information that identifies them as a group (colors, symbolism, type of games, etc) then the strategic process can truly begin:

Research – Scout the terrain; find out as much as possible about the team, enemy, obstacles and advantages

Brainstorm – at this point let the imagination flow, get as many ideas as possible down based on the brief and research


Draft – Sort through the ideas and round up the most suitable for the mission, look up colors and fonts, symbolism and styles, and define the purpose: to blend in, the element of surprise, intimidation, or domination.

Coordinate – after the draft of the team logo the design of the shirt is put into action, combining styles and colors.

Checkpoint – retreat, step away from the designs for 24 hours, and when you return you will see more clearly what works and what needs adjusting.

It’s D-Day, time to finalize the design and get it ready to deploy.


Launch – present the designs, receive feedback, get insights from command

Consolidate – regulate, conform, clean up the designs, and make the necessary adjustments

Deploy – Finalize the designs and create all the files

Now we are ready to conquer!


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